Follow the excursion of our innovative chief, Nikolaj Nielsen, as he sets out traveling to Italy to visit our dependable denim producers. This video grandstands and makes a slip top into the universe of denim producing. At Won Hundred, we needed to share understanding into our items’ kin and show a portion of our creation values.
“Made in Italy is definitely not a basic term. ‘Made in Italy’ suggests the whole manner by which our items are delivered. It is a methodology that we use all through the entire assembling process. It comes from your spirit, your encounters, and your experience. It is a piece of your life. ‘Made in Italy’ is the point at which you make items with adoration” – Paulo Fuglini, denim manufacturing plant proprietor.

In 2020, 13 of our 19 makers were situated in Europe, which is 68% of our producers. In 2021, We had 10 of our 13 makers situated in Europe, expanding our absolute number of European producers to 77%.

Amount wise, our European creation was 88% of our complete creation in 2020. This was extended in 2021 to 90% of creation. We are satisfied about these numbers and need to keep major areas of strength for an of producers in Europe.
At Won Hundred, we’re going with dependable decisions. The vital decisions. Our qualities are profoundly executed in our creation, where love and regard for the climate and our article of clothing laborers remain closely connected.

We immovably have faith in the significance of manageability and development. Our qualities are profoundly woven into every texture, giving special quality and uniqueness.

We endeavor to keep our name in Europe, so we have expressly cared for European producers. Thus, European producers save transporting time, lessening the carbon impression, which is really important for us at Won Hundred.

Not entirely set in stone to source mindfully with regards to our makers. In this manner, we accept a drawn out relationship with our makers is the way in to the nature of Won Hundred. This bond gives us the instruments to screen our makers creating the best quality for ourselves as well as their obligation to working circumstances.
Starting around 2021, up to 94 % of our complete denim creation has been Green Cross marked. On top of obtaining dependable textures in our denim creation, Won Hundred has now played it safe in regards to our denim’s perishing cycle.

We have begun integrating Ozone Wash into our denim range by utilizing a strong oxidizing specialist to dye the denim piece of clothing in a shut, group like activity. By utilizing Ozone, we are fundamentally diminishing the utilization of water in the washing system of the denim contrasted with the ordinary washing process.

Moreover, we likewise use Ozone for the dying system because of lower utilization of synthetic compounds and quicker sodium hypochlorite blanching. Ozone-washed styles right now represent 28 % of our complete 5-pocket denim creation, and we expect to expand this later on.

“I truly like the coordinated effort between Won Hundred and us since it assists us with pushing boundaries to make the items more maintainable. According to a synthetic perspective and furthermore maintainable for laborers. We utilize a great deal of lasers with new innovations. We likewise fostered our approach to washing that we share with our clients and trust that will bring a touch of advancement and future in the denim perspective.” – Carlo Cossiri, denim wash and color accomplice.