What bikini should you choose to look good on the beach?

Summer is nearly here and it’s a fact! We are all getting ready for sunbathing at the beach. And getting a bit nervous about the right bikini. Do no worry though. If you have not bought a swimsuit yet because you do not have the time or just do not know what should you choose, keep reading to find out what model, type and bikini colour will suit you best.

The figure can be shaped by a swimsuit, as well as well-selected underwear and clothes. The right model of the bikini will help to obtain the perfect look, but it is worth to consider what part of body do you want to emphasize and which should be covered. Highly cut panties optically lengthen legs, while patterned push-ups in vivid colours are a proven way to enlarge smaller breasts.

The right size of a swimsuit

The next step in choosing prefect beach outfit will be the right size. The breasts cannot move in the bowls and the bikini straps chafe. Also remember to separately try on panties and bra. On the beach you should feel free, so do not buy a costume in the same size as underwear if it’s too small/too big for you. Take your time to try on your outfit calmly, and if you have doubts – ask a bra fitter for some help.

Trendy patterns and colours on the beach

In spring-summer 2017 collection you will find sailor stripes, animal prints, floral motifs and monochrome models in shades of blue and pomegranate. A good proposition can be also a slimming black model with silver-gold inserts. If you want to emphasize your breasts or hips choose bright, juicy shades of the swimsuit or coloured prints. The pattern matters – the subtler, the more relaxed the styling; the bigger accents are, such as polka dots or stripes, the are more expressive and optically enlarged the selected body part is. Similarly, ornaments and wrinkles placed on the bra will make the breasts seem bigger. The same for the lower part of the swimsuit: fringes or accessories added to the panties, will give the effect of fuller hips.

Remember that bikini not only is designed to look great, but also to replace the underwear and support the breasts and provide them with comfort while on the beach.  If you have smaller breasts, choose the model with push-ups that thanks to the filling of the breast pads, perfectly lift the breasts.

Another idea for the summer is the bandeau – the top of the costume here is a bandage on the chest with a tie on the neck and the cut is tempting revealing the neckline. Everything in the super-hot flowery pattern!

One-piece swimsuit

This type of dress is recommended not only for swimming, but also for the beach when you want to model the waist or do not what to burn your skin. Your body will be nicely shaped and the belly covered. Many women admit that this type of a swimsuit gives them more confidence. In that case, the breasts are lifted and supported so that the silhouette is nicely balanced and the waist line is optically extended.

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