Shorts – must-have for hot months

Today shorts are no longer just a piece of sportswear, they can also be a part of an elegant outfit. Shorts are a great replacement for your beloved jeans, especially during warm months when you cannot stand the heat in your long pants anymore.

In fashion stores, you will find countless number of shorts for any occasion. Denim shorts, especially those ripped ones, go well on a less formal occasions in a casual styling. Shorts that end above the knee are a good choice for women who have bigger tights. One can also try to mix different styles and combine shorts with an elegant shirt and boots – the fashion for athleisure is still on. If it’s too hot for boots, opt for white sneakers, trainers or creepers. They will give you a sporty look and won’t attract the sun.

Shorts – Trendy models

The hottest shorts of the season are still models in the style of the 70s or shorts with a high waist. This model perfectly slim and lengthens the legs, especially if you wear it with sandals on a wedge or high heels. Sexy look guaranteed. Also check out new stylish shorts that look like a mix of a skirt with short. Feminine and smart, you do not have to worry that a blow of wind will uncover your underwear. Shorts with bell bottoms are something for lovers of extravagance who are not afraid of experimenting. In any of those cases, you can add up to your styling a light jacket in a matching colour to get a fantastic look as if you were a summer suit.

Another intriguing idea are leather shorts.It is one of the hottest trends this season, already promoted by the biggest celebrities. Not every one of us, however, dares to invite them to the wardrobe. Leather shorts are not so easy to wear. Especially if we have to adhere to the dress code at work. Leather shorts are a proposition rather for a relaxed night-out, than casual styling. After all, most of us still need some courage to dress like this.

What goes well with shorts as well?

What is great about shorts is that they are universal and you can pick almost anything from your wardrobe and combine it with them, so good news for you, do not limit yourself. Of course, be reasonable when choosing the length of the shorts according to the occasion, just like the pattern. But if you want to wear ultra short shorts to work – think twice about it, maybe your dress code doesn’t allow that.

Celebrities really like shorts and they choose them for many occasions, often styling them with boots. This contrast element perfectly fits in with the latest trends. Vanessa Hudgens for example chooses an oversized shorts with a white elegant linen shirt and gets a stunning look that can be worn to work as well.

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